School Improvement Committee

The overall purpose of the School Improvement Committee is to monitor the school’s performance and implementation of policies in the areas of:

  • curriculum provision
  • teaching and learning
  • achievement and standards
  • quality of leadership and management
  • inclusion (SEN, Gifted and Talented, Equality issues, Children in Care)
  • pupil behaviour and welfare issues (including Child Protection)

The School Improvement Committee report to the full governing body (FGB) on the effectiveness of these policies, revise these policies where this is within scope of the committee’s delegated powers and to recommend other changes to the full governing body, as appropriate.

The School Improvement Committee monitor the progress of the School Strategic Plan, to assist the headteacher in drafting the plan, and to recommend updates to the plan for approval by the governing body.

Meetings Dates & Attendance

10th May 20165th July 201614th October 201616th November 201624th January 201713th March 2017
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