The Governors

Welcome to the governor’s page of Oakwood Infant School. Our governors are drawn from various areas including the local authority, teaching and non-teaching staff, parents and the local community.

Name Committee MembershipResponsibilities
Rupinder Whybrow
Chair of Governors
School Improvement Safeguarding Governor
Vicky Atkinson
Vice Chair of Governors
School Improvement
Vice Chair
Vulnerable Children Governor
Janice BotwrightSchool Improvement
SEN Governor
Catherine VineSchool Improvement
Sue TadmanSchool Improvement
School Resources
Jenny CookSchool Improvement
Catherine MacdonaldSchool Improvement
Caroline Boston School Resources
Vice Chair
Training Liaison
John Humphries School Resources
Charles CornSchool Resources
Andy BarronSchool ResourcesHealth and Safety
Sue Dale-HeapsSchool Resources
Finance Officer

We are proud to support the school by working closely together as a governing body and have strong relationships with staff, parents and the community. We strive to continually improve every aspect of the school and work hard to achieve outstanding results.

The governors perform a vital role in the strategic leadership and management of the school, monitoring all aspects of the school’s work. This includes a key role in evaluating standards, recruiting key members of the leadership team, ensuring that the school is run on a sound financial basis and developing the school’s premises. We also spend time on the ground, observing and participating in lessons and working alongside teachers as they plan and evaluate their own activity. Our visits will normally focus on areas articulated in the strategic plan and the performance of vulnerable groups – for example those with Special Educational Needs (SEN). Day to day responsibilities and management of the school are delegated to the Headteacher.

We are always available to discuss any issues with parents and the community – if you would like to discuss any matters our contact details are available from the School Office or via the contact form.

At Oakwood the governors meet every half term as a full governing body (FGB). In addition to these meetings, the governing body also consists of two main committees which are:

The minutes of Governor meetings are ‘open’ documents and can be read at any time during school hours at the school office.

The membership of the governing body is listed below where you can also find out a little bit more about our governors:

If you would like more information about how schools are governed or are interested in becoming a governor in the future, information can be found here.