School Council

Your School, Your Voice, Your Future!

“Every child has the right to be listened to and be able to say what they think about things.” United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child

At Oakwood we believe that every child should be able to express their opinion on matters that are important to them and that they have a right to be listened to. Our School Council includes all children during the school year as part of five different committees who work with us to improve our school. These committees are:

The ‘Money Makers’ Team
This team has a budget of money and has to work with their class to decide the best way to spend it! All financial plans are carefully considered by the school’s Finance Officer and the Chair of Governors. Any decisions that are made are reported back to the school by the ‘Money Makers.’ The team also work hard to grow their money through various fund-raising activities. This committee is always popular with children who love maths or are budding entrepreneurs!

The ‘Happy, Healthy and Safe’ Team
This team look after the health and well-being of the school and they are often seen around school acting as ‘safety spies.’  They use high tech equipment to gather evidence on how we are behaving around school and then decide the rules that we need to respect.  The team also work hard to make sure that we are a healthy school, eating the correct food and taking enough exercise.  This committee appeals to those children who enjoy being fit and healthy and want everyone to be safe at school.

The ‘Go Green’ Team
This important team has the responsibility of saving the planet! They work hard making sure that the school is using resources wisely and thinking of ways that we could get even better. This team have the important responsibility of making the whole school ‘GO Green!” and can often be found making posters or composing songs to remind us about what we should do.  This committee is ideal for those children who look to the future and want the world to be a better place.

‘Oakwood is Best!’ Team
This team is all about promoting our school and the fantastic things that we do. They are responsible for our own Oakwood Newspaper which includes exciting articles about the school, as well as puzzles, jokes and interviews. The team can always be seen at our ‘Open Mornings’ helping to make prospective parents feel welcome. This committee is great for children who like talking to others and have a head brimming with exciting ideas on how to promote our school.

The ‘Big Thinkers’ Team
The Governors and teachers are always trying to find ways to make learning more interesting and fun and the ‘Big Thinkers’ team are always the first people that we call on! This team talk to us about what learning is like for them and think of ways that a lesson could be made even better! They are really good at knowing what makes a really good lesson and telling us if there is anything that they would like to change. This committee is full of children who really love learning and are possibly the teachers of tomorrow.

These Oakwood teams work on different projects each term and consist of 2 members from each class. Over the course of the year all children have the opportunity to work as part of a team on real issues. It is each team’s responsibility to work with their class to collect ideas and to report back to the whole school on what their team has done and decisions that have been made.

At Oakwood every child has a voice, and their voice is heard!