Parents As Partners

Volunteering to help

At Oakwood we have a strong partnership with parents and the community and actively encourage people to come in and help in school. This may be for a morning, an afternoon or just to hear children read in the first half hour of the day. In the interests of safeguarding children all volunteers have to complete a simple application form, giving the name of two character references.  They are also CRB checked and given a briefing on health and safety, child protection and confidentiality.  If you would like to volunteer to help, please contact the school office who will provide you with the relevant information.

Helping at Home

At Oakwood we believe that support from home plays an important part in ensuring that your child is successful at school. We therefore aim to develop a partnership with you from the moment your child starts school and involve you actively in your child’s learning.
Reading Together at Home and School. All children bring home a book that is at their own reading level on a daily basis and we ask parents to read these books with their children. Each week your child’s class teacher will record what your child has been learning in reading in the Home/School reading booklet so that you know what to focus on at home. In the early stages of reading your child will also have letter sounds and words to practise reading at home.

read together

Phonics and word recognition. At Oakwood children are taught to recognise letters and their corresponding sounds using the Letters and Sounds Programme, recommended by the DfE.  This is a systematic phonics programme that teaches children to learn to blend sounds together for reading and segment the sounds in a word for spelling.  They are also taught to read and write ‘tricky’ words which cannot be read or spelt by using the letter sounds eg ‘said’ or ‘was’. Once your child is at the correct developmental stage you will receive information about how to help your child to recognise and use these letter sounds to read words at home.  Your child will also receive key words to practice reading each week.  This will include words that they are currently learning as well as words that they are already familiar with to build their confidence and fluency.
Learning to Spell:In years 1 and 2 children have spellings to learn each week. These are recorded in a spelling book and parents are asked to help their child practise at home over the week. Teachers make an assessment of the spellings that your child has learned each week and the results are shared with parents.

Developing Mathematics: It is important for young children to learn to count and calculate in different contexts. At Oakwood we believe that children learn best through practical activities that are fun and interesting. Your child will therefore be given different activities each half term that will help them to consolidate key mathematical skills that they will be learning at school.

Topic Information: Each half term we send home information about the topic that your child will be engaged in. All of our topics are designed to develop thinking skills and engage the children in their learning. Each topic therefore begins with a stimulus to ‘hook’ the children into their learning. This may be a mystery to solve, a problem to solve or a question to answer. The children then work together to find the information they need to reach a conclusion by the end of the topic that can be shared with or presented to others. Ideas of activities to do at home are offered to all parents. However, we do recognise that infant children have a limited amount of time at the end of the school day and that this time is precious for play, family commitments and out of school activities which are vitally important for children’s development.

Reporting to Parents

Parents are invited into school to discuss their child’s progress with the class teacher each term;

  • Autumn term: to meet your child’s teacher, discuss how they are settling into a new class and set targets for the term
  • Spring term: to discuss your child’s progress and find out about your child’s targets for the next term
  • Summer term: to discuss any issues or concerns that arise from the end of year report

A detailed report of each child’s achievement is given to parents in the summer annual report. All parents are welcome to see the class teacher or headteacher at any other time by contacting the school for an appointment.

School Assemblies Each class holds an assembly in the spring and summer terms and parents are invited to attend. The school also puts on performances at Christmas and at the end of the school year. These are popular events much enjoyed by the children, parents and staff.

Year R Coffee Morning

The Year R Coffee Morning is a great way to meet other parents and carers over a cup of coffee and a piece of cake.  All parents and carers are invited to come along with any younger children and meet the Headteacher, Friends of Oakwood, Governors and other associates of the school in a relaxed and informal setting.

Book Club

Once a term a member of our senior leadership team runs an afterschool Book Club for parents to attend with their child.  This is a time for you and your child to listen to a story and then take part in art or drama activities together.  We offer this as a special event where you can spend some quality time with just your child, uninterrupted by younger or older siblings – a real luxury.  Dates for Book Club are given at the beginning of each term through the school Newsletter.  So make sure you make a note of the dates on your calendar so that you can arrange for a kind friend, relative or partner to look after brothers or sisters!

The Friends of Oakwood is our school association for parents, friends and staff and is very active, organising social and fund raising events throughout the year. The Friends of Oakwood raise money to enhance children’s education and their support ensures that we are a very well-resourced school. They have contributed towards the purchase of computers, books, the library, musical instruments, playground equipment and much more.

Communicating with Parents

By Newsletter

At Oakwood we like to keep parents up-to-date with relevant information and important events at school.  You will therefore receive an electronic version of our Newsletter each week sent to the email address that you have provided.  A copy of the Newsletter is also posted on our website and a paper copy is held at the school office.  If you do not have internet access or an email account and require a paper copy please inform the school office and we will include a copy of the Newsletter in your child’s school bag each week.

By email or by text

The school may occasionally send information by email or text to keep parents up-to-date with significant events or emergency information.  Please make sure that the school office has your most up-to-date contact information and that you notify the school immediately if this information changes.

Our website

Latest news and the school calendar can be found on our website and we will post any closures or emergency information as soon as we receive it.

Payments on line

Payments for trips and visits can be made on-line through a secure payment facility.  You will be sent a link and information on how to access this facility once your child has started school.

Concerns, queries or a chance to chat

At Oakwood Infant School there is no need for Mumsnet, Facebook or Twitter.  As a school we pride ourselves in our open door policy where parents are able to come in and talk to staff before or after school if available.  Therefore if you have any query or concern, no matter how big or small, please come in and speak to us.  All staff are ready to listen and if they are unable to help at that point in time or are busy you can be assured that they will contact you as soon as possible.

If you would like a formal appointment to speak to the Headteacher or a member of staff please contact Nici or Sue in the school office who will be pleased to assist. All parents whose children attend Oakwood are automatically members of the Friends of Oakwood so if you would like to know more about the association and how you can become involved click here.