Our School Day

A morning welcome
All children are welcomed into the school at 8.50am ready for registration at 9.00 am. All children are greeted by a member of staff.

In Year R children enter via the Year R gated area at the rear of the school where staff will be waiting to greet them.

Year 1 children in Ash and Hazel will enter the school via their classroom doors and children in Pine enter via the Year 1 ramped access at the rear of the school where staff will be waiting to greet them.

Year 2 children in Beech and Willow enter school via the external doors to their classrooms and children in Elm enter via the Year 2 main entrance at the rear of the school where staff will be waiting to greet them.

If you or your child has difficulty in using any external steps please use the rear entrance where there is ramped access to the school.

This is a good time to give your child’s teacher or teaching assistant any important information that may be relevant to your child for that day, including any change in collection arrangements for your child after school.

If your child is being collected by someone other than yourself at the end of the day please inform a member of staff and complete the authorisation form provided. This can be done in the morning at drop-off or by contacting the school office before 12 o’clock. In the interests of your child’s safety your child will only be released to a parent or an authorised adult. If there is an on-going, regular arrangement for different adults to collect your child on designated days please put this in writing to the school office.

Arriving late
Starting school on time is extremely important and it can be very upsetting for a child to arrive late for school.  If you arrive after 9.00 am, you will need to report to the school office where you will be asked to complete the late registration form.

All children have a mid-morning break where they are able to have fruit and milk. The fruit is provided by the school and milk can be purchased in advance from Cool Milk each term. Milk is free for children under 5 years of age and also for children eligible for Pupil Premium until they leave Oakwood.

Drinking water is always freely available and all children are provided with a water bottle when they start school and encouraged to drink regularly during the school day. Replacement water bottles can be purchased from the school office.

Healthy School

Break time
In Year R children have regular access to the Year R outside area as part of the Early Years curriculum. This is supervised by a member of staff and allows the children from all three classes a time to work and play together. The children also have the opportunity to use the main playgrounds, ship and field in dry weather.

Break time is staggered for Year 1 and Year 2 children and is between 10.30 – 10.45 am. This is supervised by a member of staff.  The children have the opportunity to use the main playgrounds, ship, adventure area and field in dry weather.

At Oakwood we have members of staff who are first aid qualified and all minor cuts and injuries are dealt with in the school’s medical room.  All injuries are recorded in the school accident book and parents are notified in writing or with a phone call if considered necessary.  More information can be found in the school’s Health and Safety policy.

Eating a cooked meal together is a really important part of developing social skills and also learning to eat healthily. All of the meals provided at school have to be balanced giving children the recommended daily intake of different foods. Our school meals are cooked on the premises and menus include a vegetarian option. If your child has particular dietary needs please speak to the school office who will advise you on how these can be accommodated.

LunchtimeWe have worked hard to make school lunches part of the children’s education and to give them skills for life. Every lunchtime the children come together in ‘family’ groups to share lunch together. This involves children sitting together, talking together and eating together. There are 8 children in each family with the two children at the head of the table taking on the role of parents.


LunchtimeFood is brought to the table and the children are encouraged to help themselves to the different food groups available. The ‘parents’ help to serve the bread, salad and vegetables and are also responsible for helping to clear the table at the end of the family lunch. Every meal is accompanied by a drink of water and children are able to select from a range of puddings at the end the meal.

As school meals are free for infants and nutritionally balanced we expect all children to have a cooked school meal unless there are exceptional circumstances. These would include:

  • Children who have a medical condition that necessitates food that can only be provided by home
  • Children with a mental health condition where a change in dietary routine could cause distress and high levels of anxiety
  • Children with diagnosed food phobias who are under the care of the School Nurse

If you think that your child may require a packed lunch due to the above please talk to your child’s class teacher so that we can offer the necessary support and provide you with the school’s guidelines for packed lunches.

Lunchtimes are supervised by the teaching assistants and they are more than happy to talk to parents if you have any concerns over your child’s eating. The school lunch break for Year R is from 11.30 am until 12.30 pm and includes a supervised playtime after lunch.

The End of the Day

The school day ends at 3.15 pm and children leave the school accompanied by their class teacher.  The teacher will only release your child when the person responsible for picking them up is identified by your child. Parents are asked to make sure they position themselves so that they are visible to their child and class teacher.

Any children who have not been collected wait at the school office until a parent or carer has been contacted and the child has been safely collected.

After School Provision
After school ends children can choose to attend an after school club including; OAKS (Oakwood Afterschool Club Play Scheme), Supersportz, French club (ViVA languages) or German Club. Clubs start at the end of the school day and usually finish at 4.15 pm or 4.30 pm.  Parents are asked to collect their child at the rear doors to the school.