Health and safety

At Oakwood your child’s health, safety and well-being is of high importance to us. As such all staff and volunteers at school are vetted according to safer recruitment guidelines, including reference and enhanced CRB checks. All relevant staff are first aid qualified and the school has a rigorous Health and Safety Policy in place that can be viewed on the school website.

The school grounds are fenced and gated for the security of the children and Year R children have access to their own fenced play area.

Safety at school

Entry and Exit from school
Entry to the school building is through the front entrance only and all visitors to the school are required to sign in at the front desk. Identification is checked when necessary.

Parents and visitors may use the buzzer to gain access and use the green exit button next to the doors to leave the building. Please do not allow your child to push the green exit button as this teaches them how to leave the building!

Emergency Evacuation
The school has an Emergency Evacuation Plan in accordance with Fire Safety and Evacuation legislation. All children are taught how to evacuate the building calmly and safely in the event of an emergency evacuation and practice this procedure each term.

Before and after school safety
It is important that you supervise your children, including younger siblings, carefully before and after school to ensure that they are safe. Please do not allow any of your children to walk or climb along the walls or seating areas. This can lead to trips and falls and contravenes the safety rules that are in place during the school day. The play equipment is for Oakwood Infant School children only and should not be used by any child outside of the school day.

Arriving at school
The overwhelming majority of families whose children attend Oakwood live within catchment. We therefore actively encourage parents to walk to school with their child if possible. If you unable to walk due to a medical condition or because you need to drive directly from Oakwood to work or another commitment please observe our Parking Code that is included in your pack.

Scooters and Bikes
There is a designated area for scooters and bicycles at the side of the school building, near to the pathway. Please make sure that you secure your child’s scooter or bicycle and take remember to take these home at the end of each day. In order to avoid any accidents we ask children not to ride or scoot in the playground or on the pathways around school.

Please remember that no dogs are allowed on site and that all dogs must be securely tethered to the posts located outside of the front entrance of the school. In the interests of safety, and for those people who are frightened by dogs, please make sure that your dog is tethered away from public pathways and not near to the entrance/exits from to the school.

Your child’s health

Medical Conditions and allergies
The school is able to meet the needs of children with medical conditions and allergies in accordance with school policy and liaises closely with the school nurse, Louise Clarke, to ensure relevant staff are appropriately trained and qualified. It is essential that you inform the school immediately if our child has a medical condition or allergy that could require medical assistance. The school is unable to administer any required mediation or responsive treatment without the necessary medical and parental authorization.

Giving medicine
If your child needs to receive prescribed medicine whilst at school please speak to our office staff who will give you the necessary permission forms to complete. We are unable to give un-prescribed medicine to children.

It is quite normal for young children to have colds and mild viral infections whilst at school. You do not need to keep your child off school unless they are running a temperature or are obviously unwell.

However if your child has a stomach upset with sickness and/or diarrhoea it is essential that you do not send them to school until 24 hours after the last bout, or 48 hours after the last bout if the occurrence has been more significant and they have had sustained sickness or diarrhoea.

If our child is unable to attend school due to illness, please contact the school office between 8.30 -8.50 am. You will need to contact the school for each day of absence that your child has. The school office is required to call any parent who has not reported their child’s absence by 9.15 am. Parents are also required to send a letter, when your child returns to school, confirming the reason for the absence.

First Aid
At Oakwood we have members of staff who are first aid qualified and all minor cuts and injuries are dealt with in the school’s medical room. All injuries are recorded in the school accident book and parents are notified in writing or with a phone call if considered necessary. More information can be found in the school’s Health and Safety policy that can be accessed via the school website.

Illness at school
Any child who feels unwell at school is taken to the medical room and assessed by a first aid qualified member of staff. Sometimes the child needs just needs some quiet time, a drink of water, or a rest and can then return to class. If your child is assessed as being unwell and therefore needing to go home the school office will contact the first available contact on the list provided to the school. It is therefore important that you provide the school with the most up to date contact numbers for your child and inform us if there are any changes.

Serious accident or injury
Serious accidents or injuries are extremely rare. However in the unlikely event of this occurring the school may advise a parent to take a child straight to the Doctor’s surgery or to Accident and Emergency for assessment. If the accident or injury is significantly severe, the school would seek immediate medical advice before contacting the parent.

Health Checks
All children in Year R are offered a health check in the term in which they turn five. This is carried out by a School Nurse and includes a basic sight and hearing test. Permission forms are sent to parents before the check and if there are any concerns the School Nurse will contact parents directly.

The School Nurse
Each area of schools has a School Nurse who oversees the health of the children from Year R right through to Year 11. At Oakwood, our School Nurse is Mrs Louise Clarke. Louise visits the school each term to discuss any children where there is a medical, health or well-being concern. She is also available to give parents advice or support on their child’s physical, emotional or mental health issues. This could be difficulties with toileting, sleep, eating or behaviour as well as health issues.

For information on how to contact your school nurse and lots more, please click here.