A Curriculum for Learning

The curriculum is the difference between failure and success in education”.

Siegfried Engelmann, 20th century AD

At Oakwood we believe that all children have the right to an inclusive education that enables them to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding that they need to be successful learners for life. As such we embrace the rigour and high expectations of the Early Years and National Curriculum but ensure that this is entwined with our own school curriculum. This curriculum allows children to develop independence, creativity and the ability to develop higher level thinking. Children at Oakwood understand how to apply their learning in a range of contexts and demonstrate that they can lead their own learning in pursuit of excellence.

We value each child’s unique achievements and aim for our children to be:


Happy, successful learners who enjoy school, make excellent progress and are proud of their achievements

Confident individuals, who are able to take risks, embrace challenge and have the self-assurance to solve problems and achieve their goals

Responsible citizens who respect each other and work in partnership to make a positive contribution to society

Safe, healthy and live fulfilling lives